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The VA Clinic is now open at The Pointe Centre

Pointe Commercial Real Estate is extremely proud to announce the VA Clinic has opened at The Pointe Centre. This is a tremendous occasion that Pointe Commercial Real Estate had the honor of brokering. Now, America's veterans will have more and better options available to them for healthcare after they return from service. Many veterans in the Chattanooga area will be able to receive the healthcare they need and deserve because of the VA Clinic at 1208 Pointe Centre Drive.

Pointe Commercial Real Estate is thrilled to welcome the VA Clinic to The Pointe Centre. This has been a collaborative effort between Pointe Commercial Real Estate and its affiliates, Pointe Property Group and Pointe General Contractors. The Pointe Centre has been working tirelessly to prepare everything that the VA Clinic and our veterans need in order to operate the finest healthcare facility in the area. This state-of-the-art facility is perfectly prepared to take care of the many diverse and specific needs that veterans have. Not every veteran is the same; in fact, they are all unique, and as such, they require different treatments. Thanks to the efforts of Pointe Commercial Real Estate and its affiliates, the VA Clinic at The Pointe Centre is now the most prepared clinic in the area to deal with any veteran healthcare needs, regardless of severity.

Congratulations to the VA Clinic for opening its doors to our veterans. Thank you for protecting them after they have protected our nation.

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